Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment Forensic Provisions Bill 2020

Modernisation Of Laws On Using Poor Mental Heatlh/ Intellectual Impairment As A Legal Defence To Reflect Modern Language and Practice

Long Title (NSW):
Status: Passed and signed off by the state Governor (Assented); It will now be law.
PIPE Bill ID # 5883
State / Territory: New South Wales (NSW)
Last Modified 16 June 2020

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Effects of Bill:

Rules are updated so the wording is clear for trials involving juries and not involving juries
\"Not guilty by reason of mental illness\" will now be replaced with \"act proven but not criminally responsible\"
Terminology around infanticide and post-natal psychosis and depression will be updated to modern terminology from previous terms (abnormality of mind)
Someone being off their face on drugs specifically does not count as cognitive impairment when it comes to excusing criminal behaviour
This bill clarifies procedures and Local Court powers when someone asks or needs to be treated differently because of mental health impairments or cognitive impairments