Crimes Amendment (Special Care Offences) Bill 2020

Stronger Laws against Sexual Relationships with 16-18yos by Teachers/Parents etc

Long Title (NSW):
Status: Passed and signed off by the state Governor (Assented); It will now be law.
PIPE Bill ID # 5881
State / Territory: New South Wales (NSW)
Last Modified 16 June 2020

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Effects of Bill:

It\'s now clearer that \'special care relationships\' rules apply if the offender is involved in providing residential care to the young person involved
It\'s now clearer that this type of relationship is still illegal regardless of whether the adult offender is technically a paid or unpaid employee, volunteer or contractor at the organisation or place where they have a position of authority over the young person involved
Refuge and crisis accommodation is now defined as having duty of care, which is breached if an adult care provider engages in a sexual relationship with a 16-18yo in connection with the provision of that accommodation
A 16-18yo young person has immunity from prosecution for incest if the other person to whom the charge relates is their parent or grandparent