COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures—Attorney General) Bill 2020

Mandatory Temperature and Wellness Checks On Entering Courts

Long Title (NSW):
Status: Passed and signed off by the state Governor (Assented); It will now be law.
PIPE Bill ID # 5868
State / Territory: New South Wales (NSW)
Last Modified 13 May 2020

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Effects of Bill:

On entering courts, people will be asked if they absolutely have to be there; whether they are sick; and their temperature checked (the person has a choice of thermal imaging or an infrared thermometer).
If someone is required to leave the premises because they have a temperature, the security officer who kicks them out needs to give them a note saying they were excluded for being sick; this note can be used as evidence when they get prosecuted for non-attendance
These rules will expire on the 26th of September 2020 unless they're extended; they will definitely finish before the 26th of march 2021 in any case.
This bill specifically does NOT stop anyone from entering a written plea of Guilty or Not Guilty as required by circumstances
Accused persons other than prisoners may appear by video link in some circumstances if the court agrees
In some cases, a government witness is temporarily not required (section 22C(4) )