Ageing and Disability Commissioner Bill 2019

Creation of an Ageing and Disability Commissioner

Long Title (NSW): An Act to establish the office of Ageing and Disability Commissioner and to provide for the functions of that office; and for other purposes.
Status: Passed and signed off by the state Governor (Assented); It will now be law.
PIPE Bill ID # 2558
State / Territory: New South Wales (NSW)
Last Modified 19 June 2019

Effects of Bill:

There is now a new role and office called the Ageing and Disability Commissioner
The Official Community Visitor program will now be overseen by the new Commissioner instead of the NSW Ombudsman
The Ageing and Disability Commissioner has the ability to investigate complaints and start inquiries into aged and disability care, to publish findings and report to the Minister for the Aged and Disabled and to educate the public about related matters
There is now an Ageing and Disability Advisory Board which the Commissioner can consult with
Rules around the Coroner investigating deaths in supported group accommodation have been updated to reflect the changes in who is responsible for what, and to ensure these deaths are both investigated AND reported to the relevant bodies
The commissioner can share information about elderly or disabled people with government or third party agencies to enable them to provide care and service to the person in question