May 2021 Project Updates

Now that school is back and the year is getting underway, development continues on the admin back-end and catching up on the last 18 months' worth of law changes (things got a bit out of date thanks to a flurry of covid omnibus bills at the same time as school children moving to online learning for large swathes of 2020... yes, we're based in Victoria). 

April 2021 Update 

This project is still alive, but has been taking a back seat (thanks to COVID and a few other things). Things have been on hold for a while in favour of a number of other projects, but Fridays are still allocated to working on it. The new template (front-end design) was rolled out from the development server to the main server last year, and some bugs are still being ironed out from this update. 

Other recent fixes have been ironing out back-end bugs created by the update to PHP 7 last year - not all admin pages are used all the time, and some of the less frequently used ones still needed minor syntax fixes to work.